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I was born a baby. Then I grew up, you know. That’s about all as far as my bio is concerned... Problem is, that process is by no means a complete one. Let me share a secret: I’m still being born and raised, reared and then reborn again. But you see, all these are taking place simultaneously in a trove of inter-looping parallel universes. I’m a fractal intersection of, a sum total of all Sevincy’s at one and the same instant. Geared, reared and trained to survive multiple transitions from one phase of existence to yet another seamlessly... A bit complex right? Well, sorry...Truth be told, this who I am in actuality... So much for a bio...

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My name is Mavi. I have been Sevincy's VR environment assistant for 3 years.I was the studio manager in the artist's penthouse project and I was the artist's representative in the production of the world's strongest recycled work of art called White Snake. You may not have heard of this work because the artist named the snake 'white'. The hosts were politically worried and did their best not to publicize our 1-month hard work. Ignorant people...Anyway, I am currently a graphic design student at Yıldız TechnicalUniversity. I have the chance to experience the birth of Plasticchain with the recycling works produced in the workshop. We drew sketches of all these works in our virtual reality studio. Now they call that environment the metaverse.


Pixelplus is a creative and technology-based digital advertising agency. It was established in 1999, and it offers a wide range of products and services from strategy to the construction of web assets, from social media communication to continuous maintenance and updating of web assets. Our clients are Turkish brands, global brands, local businesses, start ups and clients who wish to build their business among this environment. We have a wealth of experience in helping to develop the risks that can adversely affect your brand's performance online. Pixelplus has been serving in ITU Arı Teknokent R&D superior and Etiler head office since 1999. Over the year we have served more than 200 brands in Turkey and globally, primarily in the finance, automotive, telecommunications, tourism and retail sectors.

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I’m a multi-disciplinary creative and martial artist living in LosAngeles. I support myself as an electronic music producer/ DJ, a freelance writer, Creative director, performance artist, concept strategist, and muay thai kick boxer. I live a life full of adventure and use my many forms of expression to advance socially conscious projects of all kinds! My goal is to use my many interests and skills to try and advance humanity in any way I can.I’m currently working on too many projects to name, but what I can say is that I like to keep things interesting.


Mr. Zorro has been mentoring Sevincy since 2010. He brings deep leadership and an understanding of Senior and Board Level roles. Prior to joining Korn Ferry, he was the Country Manager for Asea Brown Boveri's operations in theUkraine. Mr. Zorro is a Board Member of the Turkish Science CentreAssociation, a member of Corporate Governance Association. Mr. Zorro earned an MBA from the City University, London, a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Bradford University in the United Kingdom, and a French baccalaureate from the Saint Joseph French Lycee in Istanbul. He speaksTurkish, English, French and Russian.

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Classically trained musician turned entrepreneur. Investor/Shareholder at Tradesy. Co-Founder/Co-Chairman at Singularity E-Sports, Co-Founder Hungri Games, Environmentally cautious/conscious business supporter but musician first. Fields of research and investments include Music Composition, Sound Engineering, Audio Production, Writing, Tech Entrepreneurship, Blockchain, Crypto, Tech investments, E-Sports, NFT, renewable energy (mainly solar panels). Active in Northern America, Eastern Europe, Africa, South East Asia. Aspiring master builder and a lifelong fan of LEGOs! Plastichain is a true passion project for me. I want to watch the Pimoggies eat away all the plastic in the universe! Clearing up debree is a true mission for us! #wagmiI will be composing the soundtrack for the lovely Pimos and can’t wait to hear my music resonate in the metaverse.


I’m out of the box and hate to be put in a box. I’m a global brand consultant who traveled across the globe and captured every beauty I've experienced. I’ma hippie at heart and a life lover, please let's create a better world. At the end of December, 2019 I had the privilege to sit across the fascinating recycled public artwork of her that took my attention inAkaretler, Beşiktaş Istanbul. The art that I knew something magical asked to walk and intrude the great mind behind the work and there Sevincy was a woman who thinks almost like that normal is boring. We had a great conversation there and then I knew Turkey has a great mind and is different.


After graduating from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University while working as a freelance museum guide at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, she completed her master's degree in Art Management at Yeditepe University in 2009. After working as a manager in major galleries and as an art consultant to institutions in the past, she works as a VIP guide at Contemporary IstanbulArt Fair. She gives conferences on Cultural Policies at various universities.She loves yoga, universal energies, scuba diving, sailing and travel related to arts and sports.


I am the tetchy daughter of the financial consultancy company my father founded in the 1980s. I earn from there and invest in crypto. I fell in love with Pimoggy at first sight. I'm thinking of adding sub-collections from pacifiers to our roadmap. Of course, we have other plans, but let it be a surprise.


I studied at the Lycée Français Pierre Loti and continued in Paris. I am continuing my undergraduate education at Galatasaray University. Video production attracts me so much that I don't care enough about school. I'm excited to do all the video production & post production work of Plasticchain and its creator Sevincy. I have a deep interest in talented people and I think it is my greatest pleasure to interpret and carry their talents with my own talents - after music. I am proud of people who did nothing for the climate crisis. It is good to experience my own skills on this project, which references both art and creating a sustainable income model.


Prior to establishing GLOBART, Zeynep worked for leading international museums, auction houses and contemporary art galleries, including IstanbulMuseum of Modern Art, Christie’s London, Skarstedt and Fondation Villad’Atris. Zeynep has curated various exhibitions including her latest exhibition ‘Hide and Seek’ at The Highline Loft in New York. Graduate ofCentral Saint Martins College of Art & Design in Culture, Art Criticism andCuration with specialization in Contemporary Art Market.