I am Pimoggy

I was born to fight against climate change. My mission is to clean up the plastic waste constantly generated by humans.


From 2D to 3D

The Pimoggy design is an inspired take on the classic piggy bank. The Pimoggy Collection is a unique digital collectible of 10,000 assets stored as ERC-721tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Every Pimoggy is unique but maintains a minimal design aesthetic. Pimoggy don’t embellish their looks with frivolous accessories. Pimoggys vary from one another with their shining eye details and unique pacifiers cally Polyfiers. The Polyfier Pimoggys suckle on is named for the polyethylene plastic it’s made from. The polyfier provides the Pimoggy with just enough trace plastic to satisfy it’s addiction. Like humans Pimoggys are addicted to consuming plastic - but unlike humans Pimoggys actually metabolise and can subsist on plastic waste! Plastic waste is the only thing a Pimoggy needs to sustain itself and Pimoggys are always hungry. Hungry Pimoggys have even been known to snatch plastic bottles from the hands of unsuspecting children, even before they finish their drink!

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Plastic Footprint

The population at large still struggles to grasp the power and application of blockchain technology and in general doesn’t see real world use outside of the digital space. Pimoggy serves as a vital bridge between web3 and life IRL by addressing one of the most pressing ecological issues facing our planet-management of plastic waste. We have the opportunity to bring the excitement of web3 to enact real and positive ecological change and bring about a green future.

Pimoggy came to life through 100% social responsibility and awareness. Become a plastic miner by keeping a record of plastic waste consumed by pimoggy on the blockchain. We can’t fix the problem of plastic waste without knowing its scale, and Pimoggy helps by logging all of the plastic it consumes on the blockchain.

Pimoggy aims to create a circular economy by transforming every plastic waste item it ingests into digital value. Thus, Pimoggy will increase its wealth in the meta-universe by cleaning the planet earth.


Let's live in a cleaner environment!

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We must utilize much more than 10K

It will take much more than the 10,000 Pimoggy in this collection to impact change. By our projections it will take 10k Pimoggy warriors to rid the oceans alone of plastic waste. Our Plastichain will continue to grow everyday. With each Pimoggy Collectible that is sold in the marketplaces, a newborn Pimoggy piggy bank will start working on earth.


Current Bid: 0,13 ETH


Current Bid: 0,13 ETH


Current Bid: 0,13 ETH

Genesis Collection Pre-Sale
Platform: OpenSea
PIMOGGY'S POLYFIER Collection on OpenSea


We are joining forces with Pimoggy to grow the Plastichain chain.

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Pimoggy NFTs are taking their place in the marketplaces. Our climate war begins with the Plastichain adventure.

Date: 08-03-2022
Place: Haydarpasa Railway Station Kadikoy, Istanbul

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